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Peculiar Stops in Vietnam

by - 3:02 AM

Once you’ve arrived in Ho Chi Minh, you can start the city tour by heading off to the War Remnants Museum, Notre-dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon, and the Reunification Palace. But, it’s not as if you’ll visit a country every week so you better make your visit worthwhile and head to the extraordinary places Vietnam has to offer.

Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens

            When we were kids, going to a zoo is like a fairy tale dream that instantly makes you Alice in wonderland. However as I grow up, I’ve never liked the thought of taking away the animals’ freedom and caging them for like forever. A pleasant surprise is that animals in Saigon Zoo are provided with enough space (and trees) for them to move freely and do their usual stuff.  In fact, they were named as the largest zoo of Vietnam.
Entrance fee: 8,000 VND
Location: Ho Chi Mihn City

 Fairy Stream

            It’s a magical canal in a fairyland. I’m not really sure if a canal can be magical though? But here in Vietnam, it exists! Once you’re there, you have to walk barefoot in a small water fissure not higher than the ankle leading you to majestic blocks of sand stone made into God’s natural work of art.
Entrance fee: 100% free
Location: Huynh Thuc Khang Street in Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet City

Sand Dunes

            I bet you’ve never thought that there’d be sand dunes in Vietnam. Three words, SAME FEELS BRO. As a matter of fact, they offer two types of sand dunes: red sand and white sand. There are two activities provided by the locals, you can enjoy sliding on the mildly steep slopes of red sand dunes or you can experience riding 4x4 motorbikes offered at the white sand dunes.
Entrance fee: 100% free
Rental for slide board: 32,000VND
Rental for 20 minutes 4x4 motorbike: 400,000VND)

Location: Mui Ne, Phan Thiet City

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