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Spontaneous Weekend Getaway

by - 7:12 PM

As the saying goes, “mas natutuloy ang biglaan kaysa planado” (spontaneous trips happen more often than planned ones). I’m not sure if there’s any logic with that but I believe that’s true. Last July 16, 2016 at 3 freaking AM, my friends and I still had no idea where to go and where to stay. All we had was the idea of going out of town and 2000 pesos worth of pocket money each. At that time, we’re still torn if we’d go to Anilao/Nasugbu Batangas, Real Quezon, or just stay at home. After slight discussion we came to the idea of going to Cagbalete Island and we saw on travel blogs how reasonable the expenses were. So after around 30 minutes, we’ve came to a decision of going to Cagbalete but still had no idea where to stay, what to do and what to expect. I was just happy we made a decision on where to go. Finally one down, 32646139875632 more decisions to go!
To go there you have to ride a Lucena/Mauban bus in Jac Liner terminal, Kamias at around 4AM. It's a 4-5 hour trip so you can sleep all you want while on the road. The estimated time of arrival in Mauban is 9:00AM. You can go to the Mauban wet market via tricycle (fun fact: the tricycle in Mauban has a per stop basis payment meaning for every stop you have to pay 10 pesos, so if you'll go to the wet market before heading off to the Mauban port it will cost you 20 pesos each) if you have something to buy or to just kill time because the passenger boat (if you wouldn't rent a private boat) will leave at around 10:30AM. After a 45 minute boat ride, habal-habal drivers will escort you to your desired resort.
If you don’t have time to prepare and bring your own food, you can rent pots from the resort for only 40 pesos and buy rice and fresh seafood from the Mauban market. But I would strongly recommend bringing your own food and utensils instead because the word “free” does not exist in Cagbalete Island. Even a pair of disposable spoon and fork will cost you 5 pesos. I know they may seem a bit greedy but...... yup, they are greedy. Ridiculous!
We got the island tour with snorkeling for only 1500 pesos, and started around 12:30PM. I suggest starting your island tour around 11:30AM so you’ll experience the Yang-in sand bar, because sadly when we got there it was already filled with water. But either way, it was beautiful. The sand is so white and the water is so clear.
By the way, I got this hat in Mauban wet market for only 35 pesos. Can you believe that?
Blessie seems to be happy and satisfied. Look at her!

The sand’s so fine it felt like snow. Sand fight!!

After exploring the Yang-in Sand bar, we head off to the safe haven for snorkeling. You'll be surrounded by a lot of fish for 1 hour and it was so exciting! You can put rice onto your hands so they'll come for you.

On the second day, we just went for a swim then got ourselves ready to leave by 11am.This is what it looks like when it’s low tide. It happens in the morning and high tide starts around 12nn. Oh, and here’s my friend Cedric doing his cool bboy stuff.

Thank you friends and to the locals of Cagbalete! You were all amazing as this island was.
Check my instagram for more pictures.

Photo Credits: Edward Tamayo

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