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Laresio Lakeside Resort & Spa

by - 8:40 AM

If you wanna go somewhere fun and new that’s near the Metro, this is the right place for you! Have you ever been to Splash Island? They're kind of the same but what I’m trying to say is that both are kind of in line with what they’re trying to have their customers experience- fun in the sun with water! Laresio is located at the lakeside of Tadlac Lake in Los Baños, Laguna colloquially known as Crocodile Lake (yup, I panicked for like 10 seconds when I heard that) but it’s totally crocodile free and there’s a net underwater to separate fish, seaweeds and dirt from the resort. They have several extreme water activities that would be totally easy if you’re brave but there are also pabebe activities such as kayaking and zip line. It was really worth every centavo, especially if you’re a thrill seeker who’s willing to do the activities more than once.

32 feet dive
13 feet dive
Vine Swing
Blob n' Fly

Thank you, Laresio for giving us an amazing time!

Check my instagram for more photos.

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