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World's Best Island

by - 7:36 PM

Two months ago when my school break started it was then that I found out that my passport's already expired. So I didn't have the option to make plans out of the country and it was really heartbreaking. But then I realized this was the perfect time to visit the world's best island.
Palawan is the number one island in the world according to Travel and Leisure , and it hit a score of 93.71 out of 100. Truly, numbers don't lie.
We chose Coron besides El nido and Puerto Princesa as some may have said that it’s the best among the three divisions of Palawan. It is highly admired due to its dense biodiversity in flora and fauna with its pristine white beaches and astounding limestone formations. Also, 2GO travel offers a roundtrip via cruise straight from Manila to Coron. (Check out my thoughts in travelling with 2GO)
We arrived in Bancuang Mansion near Busuanga port at 5:00am and we hurriedly head off to Mount Tapyas. My mom was really hyped about climbing this one because it’s only a 20 minute hike which has 720 staircase steps and you’ll be able to obtain the lushness sight of Coron on higher grounds.
We headed back to the hotel right away after taking a few shots at the peak to make it to the 8:00am Island hopping worth 1600 pesos each provided by the Bancuang Mansion.
Siete Pecados
Coron is well-known for a snorkelling experience unlike any other. This is one of the snorkelling havens in the island with its clear turquoise water and the home of majestic tiny little sea creatures. I found nemo here and I was the happiest kid alive.
Blue Lagoon
Kayangan Lake
After an uphill climb of approximately 300 steps from the blue lagoon you will witness the cleanest lake in the Philippines with 70% fresh water 30% salt water and another 5% human pee, joke! I hope I was really joking.
My mom enjoying the crystal clear waters of Coron
Twin Lagoon
No matter where you look everything was breathtaking while entering the first lagoon, everyone on the boat had chills when the boat driver purposely slowed the boat down so we can get that slow-mo feels to add to the otherworldly beauty of the limestone. In order to arrive at the second lagoon, you either have to swim under the rock or climb over the rock by the ladder so I wasn’t able to bring my camera with me. The spectacular limestone formations enclosing the tranquil sea water made the lagoon more relaxing and at peace.

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  1. Ahhh your photos are so beautiful Lianne! Grabe it makes me wanna go to Palawan right now! I have always dreamed of being able to visit the island. Hopefull someday I can really go there <3

    xx, Wandering Ella

    1. Thanks, Ella! Coron was really breathtaking, you must really visit the island soon. :)

  2. I shall come back to Palawan soon! Everything is breathtakingly beautiful. <3 We visited El Nido this year, and planning to be back for Coron next time. I hope it pushes through! Haha.

    xx, The Diary Queen

    1. I hope so too! Coron was really amazing, Da. I wanna go to El Nido too though :)