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Blue Water: Sumilon Island

by - 6:14 PM

Sumilon Island is located off the southeast coast of  Oslob, Cebu. We rode a boat all the way from Dumaguete City, to swim with whale sharks and experience the pristine white sand beaches of Sumilon. Its famous sandbar is known widely for its changing shapes and shifting locations. You will see a weird phenomenon of waves crashing against each other on the shore. It was surreal! But I don't know, everytime I hear the sound of waves & feel the salty air, as cliche as it may sound, it feels like home to me. So wherever you take me as long as there's a sea of blue water, I'm up for it. However, Blue Water: Sumilon Island is one of the top destinations! As it will give you not just the adventure but the luxurious experience.

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  1. Love your photo on top of a rock! 💙

  2. Haha i'm shy. Thanks, Da!! 💙

  3. I'm from Cebu but it's embarrassing that I've never been. Hopefully I can make time before the year ends!


  4. Hopefully! It's really nice in Sumilon ❤️