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Birthday Weekend in La Union

by - 6:52 AM

I've been here last October, and I promised myself to go back as soon as possible because my friends and I weren't able to maximize our stay here the first time around. But then again, my birthday was right around the corner so I might as well have celebrated here! So I did. AND. IT. WAS. A. BLAST. There's really something about La Union that is quite pleasing. I guess the people here are so friendly? or the towering waves make the place exciting? or maybe the night life and the whole ambiance here gives that good vibe to our nerves! However, I could say that everything about here makes us come back over and over again.

Thank you to my highschool best friends for celebrating my birthday with me! I couldn't have done it any other way. It was an experience I will never forget. As the saying goes, what happens in La Union stays in La Union. LOL

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